You can feel veritable emotions like love, misery and fulfillment while watching this magnificent film. Colour Photo is a telugu film which has all the veritable sentiments which were portrayed in the right way to the group. There is zero possibility that none of the group have felt separated. The whole film is so incredible to watch that it makes you cry. Sushas and Chandhini’s acting was pragmatic that you can happily oblige the film. The Latest telugu movies online like Color Photo are genuinely interesting to watch. Watch Color Photo movie online at whatever point, anyplace on Aha.


Colour Photo is a film which should be seen by all the people. It’s a great telugu film which talks about affection, concealing and social rules. Soo the plot opens with Jai krishna doing his morning timetable of giving milk to all the houses and embarking for school. Krishna is an unassuming and enduring man in the town. His dad is a farmer, they live in a little house. Deepthi is a ruined and privileged kid. They start their sentimental story in school. They have an extraordinary bond, affiliation and moreover they love each other to spend the rest of their concurrence. Everything considered the whole trip of their love was going really. In spite of the way that they have a couple of aggravations they would allow that to issue so much. Obviously in any sentimental story family will expect critical work and in this story family is the miscreant. Deepthi’s kin is a strong character in the town. He is a cop who is demanding and doesn’t care for sentimental stories, issues what not. He takes part in the story and makes it a whole wreck. These lovebirds experience a ton taking into account this man Ram. watch the film to see the troubles of krishna and Deepthi.

Colour Photo Telugu Movie Review | Colour Photo Aha Video Review

Technical Aspects:

  • Exactly when you watch the film Color Photo one thing which will stick to your mind is its amazing storyline. It doesn’t give off an impression of being anything but difficult to watch such a film, it has such incalculable emotions in line along these lines various Characters to appreciate.
  • Music is furthermore maybe the best point in Color Photo, they are resounding and very setting off.
  • The whole film has exceptional cinematography aptitudes. Colour Photo seems, by all accounts, to be outstandingly indistinct and trademark to watch.
  • This current film’s zones are completely legitimized, notwithstanding any difficulty, the home, school, beach all that seems, by all accounts, to be amazing and normal.

Artist Performance:

All the characters in the film merit the best gratefulness for their complete undertakings and hardwork. Especially Suhas, Chandini, Harsha and Sunil.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Sushas

Actress: Chandini Chowdary

Other actors: Sunil, Harsha, Divya, Vidya

Director: Sundeep Raj

Producer: Sai Rajesha Neelam, Benny Muppaneni

Music: Kaala Bhairava

Cinematography: Venkat R Shakamuri

Editing: Kodati Pavan Kalyan

Story By: Sai Rajesh

Written by: Durga Prasad

Screenplay by: Rahul Ruben Raj

Other information:

Runtime: 142 minutes

Release date: 23 October 2020

Genre: Romantic, Drama

Production Company: Amrutha Productions, Loukya Entertainments

Distribution: Aha

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