How to apply for an UK spouse or partner visa


Talk to UsIn case of sentences between one and four years, the application will be refused unless a period of ten years has passed from the end of the sentence. For sentences of less than 12 months, the person will need to wait for five years before applying. With this post, we hope to bring some clarity to the requirements to be met in partner visa applications.

If you’re filling in the form for them

The immigration rules allow the spouse of a person present and settled in the UK to apply for entry clearance as a spouse. The definitions of a person present and settled in the UK also include persons who have been granted settlement at the same time as the applicant.

Immigration Form Checking Look over your application before you send.

I am born here in the UK, and my husband is from (information withheld) please is there any way to get justice to why they are doing like this? Its (information withheld) to my marriage now but nothing seems to be happening. An application for a family permit is made online and free of charge. As soon as they enter the UK, we would recommend that they apply for Pre-Settled Status under Appendix EU. This is also a free of charge application. Once granted, they will be given five years of Pre-Settled Status.

The documents to apply for a German Family Reunion Visa are commonly prone to undergo a verification process which lasts about

6-8 weeks.

The minimum coverage of the policy must be EUR 30, 000 and the insurance must cover expenses arising from a sudden illness and accident (also the patient’s repatriation) and repatriation expenses in case of death.

Refusals due to failing to meet the Financial requirement are common.

If you change your mind and no longer want to apply

We have a team of professional immigration solicitorswho specialise in assisting clients with Spouse Visa applications. Our Spouse Visa lawyers boast over 20 years worth of experience in Spouse Visa applications and will be more than happy to assist you. It is also important to note that Spouse Visa applications, which are considered under Appendix FM (as mentioned above), would be subject to meeting the financial requirements, which involves showing an annual income of at least £18, 600 before tax.

they made us wait whole 6 months to say visa has been refused in (information withheld) 2018 so I went to my solicitors applied UKSpouseVisaHelp for appeal sent them all the missing documents. when solicitors contacted them they just said there will be a court hearing.

Check ApplicationIf there is a period in which they have not done so, they should give a good reason for it, consistent with a continuing intention to live together permanently in the UK. This means that long absences must be explained and it has to be shown that the couple still intends to maintain their family home in the UK.

After they have completed five years in the UK, they can apply for Settled Status, which is the equivalent of Indefinite Leave to Remain.

As the relationship has broken down and your partner is no longer sponsoring your application, you cannot satisfy the above requirement. To enable your fiance to enter the UK, you will most likely need to apply for a partner visa under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. If your children were born to at least one British parent, outside of the UK, they are British by descent. They will be required to apply for an Overseas Passport Application in order for them to enter the UK.