Important Information About Bakkie Canopies

Anyone with an open-bedbakkie has likely experienced something flying out on the highway, a sensitive load getting soaked in an unexpected rainstorm, the theft of even the most seemingly worthless items, or garbage thrown into the bed. Bakkie canopies turn the traditionally exposed bakkie bed into a lockable, weatherproof space for storing cargo or even oneself on camping trips.

For those of us in a rainy or theft-prone environment, a canopy is an all-but essential upgrade. Unlike a bed-mounted toolbox, a canopydoesn’t require the sacrifice several feet of one’s bed—already a problem for short-bed trucks. Even the most basic canopiesfeatures locking handles on the rear access door, which incidentally also prevents the tailgate from opening if one’s tailgate doesn’t itself lock.

Fitting your Bakkie Canopy

You will need to decide whether you are going to secure the canopy onto your bakkie or if you will need one that can be removed easily. Heavy canopies offer better durability however lighter canopies are easier to remove.

Bakkie accessories include extra lighting both inside and outside the np200 canopy. Another consideration is whether to buy a canopy with a vertical or horizontal door. Vertical doors can make it difficult to load large items as horizontal doors offer a larger opening.

Cost of Canopies for sale

The cost of a canopy depends on a variety of factors including the type, brand and material used. Remember that finding a used canopy for sale can also help you save you. If you are looking for second hand canopies, you will need to start by researching what is currently available on classifieds sites.

Compare prices to make sure that you are getting a good deal. Before you buy any bakkie accessories of this nature, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly for any damage. It is advisable to buy a good quality canopy from a reputable brand, whether you are buying new or second hand.

When it comes to finding canopies for sale, there are plenty of brands, models and styles to choose from on Andy Cab.

New or Used?

Depending on one’s personal philosophy, a canopy can represent an investment of a few thousandRands. Gumtree is a perennial favourite for deals on used bakkie canopies, but finding a canopy on Gumtree which fits one’s exact truck model, generation, and with the right color to match is like finding a field of four-leaf clovers.

Short-bed full- and mid-size bakkies are typically the easiest to find canopiesfor, but be aware that camper canopy fitment can vary hugely between even adjacent generations of the same model of bakkie. Small gaps from poorly-fitting camper shells can prevent a good, weatherproof seal or create an annoying whistle if edges stick out into the disturbed airflow from the cab of one’s bakkie. And while an awkwardly fitting and non-color-matched bakkie can represent a discount of thousands over a new one, it certainly won’t impress one’s coworkers sitting in the office parking lot.

For more information on top-quality bakkie canopies, visit Andy Cab today!