Infomation About Different Types Of Wet Mops

There are many types of wet mops and dust mops that can be used to clean a floor. Each type of wet and dust mop has a specific purpose. This article will give you some insight on what different types of wet mops and dust mops are used for.

Looped end mops are probably the most common wet mop used today. The looped ends on the mop give it extra surface area allowing it to hold more liquid and cover more of the floor with one swipe. The lopped ends on this type of mop also stop the mop from snagging and catching on corners or under furniture. Looped end mops are typically a little more costly than cut end mops but last a little longer and do a better job. The looped ends on the mop also will make it unlikely that the mop will fray or unravel. Some of these mops are launderable and can be cleaned and reused countless times.

Cut end mops are great for spill cleanup, home use or as a disposable mop head. Cut end mops are usually less expensive that lopped end mops because the strands just attach on the mop band end. These mops will usually fray and unravel over time and are not recommend for machine washing as the strands will tangle in the washing machine.

Microfiber mops are great for residential use or for areas that need quick and constant cleanup. Microfiber mops can be easily thrown into the washing machine after each use for easy cleanup. These mops are generally smaller in size than dust mops and are color coded blue for wet mop and white for microfiber Wet Mop.

Types of dust mops:

Looped end dust mops are just as the name suggests. The strands that protrude from the dust mop are looped back and sewn. This gives the dust mop more surface area to pick up dust and debris.

On the cut end dust mop, strands protrude from the dust mop and then are cut. These dust mops have less surface area to pick up dust and debris but can pick up finer particles of dust because the end fibers in each strand are showing at the cut.

The clip style of a dust mop refers to how the dust mop attaches to the frame. A clip style dust mop uses snaps or clips to secure it to the dust mop frame.

The tie style dust mop attaches its self to the dust mop with two ties on each side. The ties are usually tied into a bow to secure to mop to the frame.

Microfiber dust mops are great for residential use and areas that need constant and quick cleanup. These mops are recommended for dust and smaller debris.

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