Promotional Branding Product Trends Post-COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down and protective steps are taken to stay healthy as daily activities are pursued. Everything has returned to normal, but it is the new normal that includes social distancing, sanitizing hands regularly, wearing masks, etc. The demand for Personal Protective Equipment or PPE has increased.

PPE is designed to help users stay protected from coronavirus infection. It comprises multiple items like face shields, masks, respirators, goggles, gloves, and helmets. The kit is aimed to work in sync with appropriate hygiene habits like washing hands regularly using sanitizers to decrease the spread of coronavirus.

Post-COVID 19 PPE products can offer businesses promotional and branding opportunities. The products can keep your customers and employees healthy. It can boost your brand visibility and even social responsibility.

Hand sanitizers

Wash hands frequently are the mantra to fight the pandemic. For better hand hygiene, sanitizers are important post-pandemic. You can buy custom hand sanitizer on Custom Earth Promos Company situated in Delray Beach in the US. You can look for a variety of promo items made from eco-friendly and recycled materials.

To effectively kill the microbes and viruses, the sanitizer has to contain a minimum of 62% alcohol content. You get to choose sanitizers in the form of liquid, spray, gel, and pen. For travelers, you can choose the travel size and carabiner models.


In some countries, face masks are used to stay safe from inhaling pollution. Coronavirus situation has made it mandatory for everyone in the world to have a facemask accessory. Mask becoming mandatory across the globe makes face masks an ideal promotional product post-COVID 19.

You can check disposable masks, reusable masks, respiratory masks, and anti-bacterial fabric masks. These masks can be customized with brand slogans or taglines or messages to exhibit your care for the audience’s safety. Fashion trends are visible in a variety of mask colors and prints. Face coverings in trend are neck gaiters, bandanas, and rally wear.

Face shields

With face shields touching the face with hands gets restricted. It is designed from a fog-resistant material and has a foam forehead rest for comfort. Wearing a mask the whole day seems taxing, but face shields allow clear vision and easy inhalation.

Disposable gloves

Powder-free nitrile gloves are a handy addition for employees or people with extra hands-on jobs. The gloves are designed for professional use and tear-resistant. They keep you protected all day long.

Wet wipes

People who travel a lot can benefit from wet wipes. It helps to keep work desks and hands sanitized. Benzalkonium Chloride is a safe wet wipe option for kids instead of alcohol wipes.

Antimicrobial pens

Customers need to have their own pen for safety, so gift branded microbial pens. Your company’s impression increases, every time they use it.

Reusable forehead thermometer

For quick temperature reading on a liquid crystal display, a reusable forehead thermometer is a great promotional product. It can be used at home office or anywhere, just carry it in your purse.

Choose a supplier that assures quality and rigorous safety standards for the promotional products you pick to customize.