Sex therapy and what you can learn from a tantric masseuse


In life, developing and channeling positive sexual energy qualifies as indispensable and the aura conveyed by it benefits you and everybody else around you equally. This implies that the primary objective of a tantric masseuse is to assist people in reaching their full capacity for pleasure by triggering the most profound sexual and spiritual experience. As human beings, we have always been taught to master the art of deception; the clothes we have on our body and the vanity that we carry in our minds are nothing more than a façade. The raw sentiments and passions that lay underneath these veils are all that matters and there is no better way to bring them on the surface apart from a session of sex therapy by a tantric masseuse.

An experienced tantric Sensual Massage London London initiates the mechanism with energy work which helps her uncover the client’s emotions and let them flow without any adulteration whatsoever. A sex therapy aims at eliminating the shame and prejudice that a client holds at heart; one can keep running away from the world and its obligations, however, at the end of the day he must return home and this “home” is not made of bricks and concrete but, of his senses, wellbeing, desires, and satisfaction. The body needs to rest in order to replenish its source of energy and zest and sex therapy is the ideal solution. The tantric masseuse is concerned with inciting the nerves located in and around one’s sex organs which, in turn, instills new pathways of sensation and satisfaction to the brain. More than anything else, it is about discarding the blocks that restrict sexual energy to flow across the human body. Once a man/woman starts opening up to his/her own self, there is no such challenge that can bring him down or keep him/her from away from expressing the thoughts to the world.

During the sessions at secret tantric massage London, there are a lot of clients who undergo emotional outbursts. But the splendor of tantra lies in the fact that it opens doors for the body to get in touch with the pain and trauma in a constructive way thereby, helping these disapprovals to transform themselves into something magical via the charm of orgasm. There are so many men and women who have been relentlessly looking for a safe haven; a place where they can be on their own without having to worry about their responsibilities and stress encumbering the regular life. Women especially, those who have suffered sexual abuse and were trained to believe that they cannot address their sexuality out loud find a vent to release their pent-up distress without any shame and guilt and thus, purge themselves of the trauma.

Once the body enters a fully relaxed state, the tantric masseuse starts gliding her toned body over the client’s in an erotic manner to tease every inch of it with sensual touches and then gradually move on to the intimate parts. These are the points from where the full body starts adapting to the changes and releases the energies that were choking it for so long. In this context, we cannot help but remind ourselves of the famous quote Sigmund Freud, one of the greatest neurologists we were blessed with; he said, “The behavior of a human being in sexual matters is a prototype for the whole of his other modes of reaction to life”. Secret tantric massage London encourages clients to break through their sexual vulnerabilities and embrace their spirit, yearnings, and entreaties by fulfilling their carnal desires like never before.