Two Shots in The Dark

TSX Sex Toys originally designed this butt plug as The Double Banger, but a name change later and Two Shots In The Dark is part of the Peaches and Screams collection of black dildos.

Two Shots In The Dark is a large black dildo, with two stacked bulbs. The first bulb is a little smaller than the second, and both will make you feel stretched, full and some of the most intense waves of pleasure you’re ever likely to experience. It stays put, and it has a suction cup base, so you can enjoy hands free pleasure. You can use this butt plug by yourself, or with a partner. It’s made from a phthalate free PVC, which I skin safe and non toxic. It’s also waterproof, and the suction cup base means that it will securely attach to any hard, smooth surface, including the shower wall or bath. It’s quite firm, but there is some flexibility as it moves during insertion.

Two Shots In The Dark is the perfect toy for anyone who wants to feel full and enjoy the length. It’s ten and a half inches long, with an insertable length of eight and a half inches. The first bulb has a tapered tips and starts at one inch wide, with a circumference of three inches. flares out to two and a half inches in width, with an eight inch circumference. The second bulb is one and three quarter inches wide, with a six and a quarter inch circumference. It flares out to a three and a half inch width, and eleven inch circumference, before tapering out and ending at a two and a half inch width, and eight inch circumference.

When you’re using Two Shots In The Dark, you need to make sure that your body is fully relaxed, and use plenty of personal lube. It comes with a sample sachet of lube, but you might prefer your own, or one of the lubes in our range. After you’re finished, clan your butt plug thoroughly in hot soapy water, and use a cleaning solution. Allow your toy to air dry fully before you put it away. We have a range of toy safe cleaning solutions that you can use.