What is Police Brutality?

Police brutality is the excessive and unjustified use of force by police officers. It’s an unfortunate trend that has developed in recent years. It is a serious violation or crime of law and is a clear example of police misconduct or abuse. It can also refer to a case in which police officers use excessive or undue force against an individual. This can happen in the line of duty as well as on the basis of the officers’ perspective, such as those of racial profiling.Image result for police-brutality

Police brutality is not limited to one specific area or practice. Although it is now largely obsolete, excessive police force still occurs in many parts of the country. The problem is most prevalent in cities with a large police force and therefore, more cases are likely to be reported. Historically, brutality was used as a way to intimidate members of the opposition or disorientate them during protests, demonstrations or riots. Today, it may even be used to quell outbreaks of social conflict or simple acts of street disorder. Police brutality today has evolved from its roots to include a wide variety of abusive and wrongful acts.

In a relatively peaceful city, a police officer may use excessive force in arresting a peaceful demonstrator. While doing so, he or she could cause whiplash, broken bones and bruises. That same officer would not hesitate to use deadly force if necessary to subdue a violent anti-socialist demonstration. Such is the mindset of those who believes in absolute rule and who cannot tolerate any deviation from the rule.

In addition, police brutality – whether exercised in the line of duty or in private – also includes a much broader range of depraved acts. Some would say that all police officers are guilty of brutality. There are certainly sadistic and abusive actions on the part of police officers, but there are also many who are just plain wrong. Sadly, many who were hired to serve and protect end up becoming bullies. They brutalize those who are merely defending their rights and well-being. While police brutality – of one kind or another – may not have killed someone this week, it has certainly caused serious damage to an individual’s life false arrest attorney new york city.

Sadly, it is impossible to predict how police brutality will evolve over time. The most likely scenario is that police departments will become more strict when it comes to issuing tickets and punishments for police brutality. In the current climate, it has been brought to light that some police officers brutalize citizens simply for doing nothing more than peacefully exercising their right to free speech. As the country becomes more aware of police brutality and the wide range of abuses that occur each day, Americans will demand that their police departments strictly adhere to the law and refrain from brutality.

As the Department of Justice prepares to oversee the implementation of sweeping changes to the nation’s justice system, there is no doubt that police brutality will continue to decline. However, the Department of Justice is also aware that there is a significant difference between police brutality and police officer abuse. Uttering threats and throwing a police officer against the wall will not help police brutality become acceptable.

To implement meaningful reforms that will ensure police brutality does no more harm than good, the Department of Justice must take into consideration the viewpoints and experiences of not only police officers, but also citizens. It is likely that police officers have a tough job because they have to interact with dangerous criminals every day. Police brutality will be the result when police officers use excessive force or rely on brutality as a form of control. By monitoring the activities of police officers in their daily operations, the Department of Justice can eliminate the possibility that police brutality will develop into an official policy.

As this problem continues to be addressed by police departments throughout the country, it is likely that citizens will become more educated about police brutality and police officers. They may not want to look at it from a systemic point of view, but many police officers are clearly abusing their power. In order for reforms in the use of police brutality to be effective, it is important that all American citizens become knowledgeable about police brutality. By being informed, we can make better decisions about police brutality.