What are the Đèn LED Panel?

Besun LED Light is one of the leading companies at Viet Nam in providing lighting solutions. We supply and install a reputable lighting system in local country. Is the unit that designs, supplies and installs the lighting system with the best product quality. Provide the best warranty, after-sales service.
One of the best sellers of our product is the LED panel lights (that mean is Đèn LED Panel )

What are the Đèn LED Panel?
– Đèn LED panel is the thin panel that provide the good quality and perfectly to replace fluorescent ceiling lights on the buldings or the offices. Inside LED Panel lights are consist of SMD LED Line between the aluminium housing and the PMMA light guide plate.
Using Đèn LED panels are safe energy and protect enviroment more than fluorescent ceiling lights.
– LED panel lights provide excellent colour rendering and do not fade, making them perfect for retail and hospitality environments. They are also fully controllable and can be dimmed depending on the mood you are trying to create.
– LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than other alternatives, such as fluorescent or incandescent lights. With 95% of the energy in – – LEDs being converted into light, only 5% is wasted as heat, therefore their energy-efficiency is unbeatable.
– Providing you buy from a reputable retailer, like LED Panel Store, LED panels offer an exceptionally long lifespan, expected to last up to 50,000 hours before replacements are needed.
With so many compelling reasons to switch, now is a good time to make the investment for a brighter future.

What are the type of the Đèn LED Panel?

Besun LED Light is provide square, rectangular lights. We stock both 600x600mm and 300x1200mm stype LED Panels.
If you have any queries regarding our offer do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail on [email protected]
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